2021 Awards

2021 Awards

PRVAC is proud to announce the selections for our EMT and Crew Member of the Year awards.  For 2021, we have selected Amiel Peretz as EMT of the Year and Bruce Kramer as Crew Member of the Year.  Amiel joined the Corps in 2001, has previously been Captain, President and Trustee and is currently our Treasurer.  Bruce joined the Corps in 2018, is in charge of our social media, is a trustee and has recently been elected Vice President.

In addition, Rafa Mayer was the top responder of the year, responding to 103 of our 327 calls and special mention goes out to both Carson Boey & Tina August, who both joined our Corps in November and responded to 25 & 15 calls respectively…

Thank you all for your dedicated service.

2021 EMT of the Year

Amiel Peretz

2021 Crew Member of the Year

Bruce Kramer

2021 Rookie of the Year

Tina August
Carson Boey